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Inventory Management

Track stock quantity in and out of your warehouse, stock management system free, supported to multiple warehouses, see stock history, get notify when the product is less than specified, make your business work faster and less cost, take it for free now


See stock overview, products/skus

See total of stock and reserved count

Increase-decrease stock total manually

Set least amount of products/skus that should be stored

Create goods receipt/issue/transfer documents

Support for lot and serial systems

Stock history

Supported to add multiple warehouses

Specify where the product is stored such as: Row 2, Zone A

Works seamlessly with "Sell" and "Purchase" apps

Tracking progress and deliver the product systematically

Acccess the inventory data via smart phone

Get notify when products is less than specified amount

And many more


Connect Line with TreeSoft to receive notifications and access the data via Line apps

- Get notification when products is sold

- Get notification when the sale is closed

- Get notification when the stock is less than specified

Support for business growth

Supporting business growth, a simple and flexible warehouse management tool. Is the most suitable tool for SMEs

Support multiple warehouses

When the business expands its storage more Can add the warehouse as needed.

Create documents easily

Helps to work faster and more accurately. Between the purchase, sales and store department


Try it free for 14 days without any feature limitations.
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Make a payment online via card. TreeSoft will automatically create an invoice every 1st of the month.


Integration with other apps


Take an order, make a payment, connect to multiple hardware such as a receipt printer. Barcode scanner and more


Sale order, approve, invoice, billing


Purchase Order, approve, confirm payment


Manage products easily and apply with other applications

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