Growth Business with TreeSoft

Point of Sale

Receiving orders, making payment, issuing receipts, can be connected to various hardware such as receipt printers. Barcode scanners and more, point of sale free, POS free, reduce costs, increase profits, easy to use, no installation required cloud-based, take it for free now


Import products via Excel file

Daily sales summary

Can be used continuously When the Internet connection is lost

Supports dining table system (up to 80 tables)

Record the duration of meals (For buffet)

Divide the sales period (morning shift, evening shift)

Digital receipt / paper receipt

Automatic stock counting

Return / delete items that were recorded incorrectly

Add unlimited products

Add new customers immediately. Compatible with the app "CRM"

Add coupons / discounts

Calculate VAT automatically

And many more


Connect Line with TreeSoft to receive notifications and access the data via Line apps

- Get notification when products is sold

- Get notification when the sale is closed

- Get notification when the stock is less than specified

Supported Any Devices




Supported To Multiple Hardware

Increase sales efficiency by integrating with various hardware devices


Issue a receipt to customers quickly

Cash Drawer

Don't miss out on every collection and change

Barcode Scanner

Sell well, customers do not have to wait in long lines


There are no conditions for binding credit cards, ID cards or any personal information
Can be used for free There is no service charge at all was designed based on the concept of ERP (Enterprise Resource Planning), a program that combines all the essential business functions in one program. Such as sales, accounting, warehouse, customer relations, human resources, so TreeSoft can be used with any business. Related to product sales (In-store sales, online sales) or service businesses (repair shops, contractors) We have developed programs specifically to meet the needs of SMEs.
Unlimited number of users in the system can add-remove and restrict the license details
There is a point of sale system that supports multi-store sales You can also separate the seller (cashier) to use the sales data to calculate the salary in the Payroll app
There is a POS (Point of Sale) system at the front of the store, can be enabled in "Add app"
There is a CRM (Customer Relationship Management) system. Can be enabled in "add apps"
There is a system of HR (Human Resources). Can be enabled in "add apps"
There is a Payrol system in the Payroll app, which can be used in conjunction with point of sale, sales and e-commerce applications
There is no production process control system yet. We will develop this system in the future


Integration with other apps


Stock control, goods receipt/goods issue, stock history and supported to multiple warehouses


Manage products easily and apply with other applications

Best software to run a business. simple but powerful.