Terms and Conditions of Service TreeSoft.io (free to use)

         By using the TreeSoft.io service, users of the service have read and understood the terms and conditions of service well. Considered the intention to agree and accept the terms and conditions of the service in all respects.


- Users can apply for free access. is never asked for any personal information such as ID cards. And credit card

- When a user has registered for use We do not charge any retroactive charges.

- We do not send emails. Or contact the user To request the transfer of any amount of money.

Using the service

The service user agrees and agrees that the user will use the service only for the purposes that are lawful under the terms and conditions specified herein. And the user will not do any of the following:

- Use computer software to interrupt, interrupt, interrupt or provide TreeSoft.io services.

- Operate or allow third parties to modify, adapt, copy or mimic some or all of the TreeSoft.io Services.

If the company knows that the service user does anything contrary to these terms and conditions The Company has the right to suspend the service to the Subscriber without prior notice and / or may take legal action against the Subscriber as the Company deems appropriate.


If the user has questions about the terms and conditions of service You can contact at contact@treesoft.io